About Us

Sunnita Vishwas is the founder of Sunnita Vishwas Group of Companies, under which 10 business ideas are taking shape. EntraOlogy, which includes entrepreneurship education., Classy Eempire, Sunnita Vishwas Publications, Online Business School, the non-governmental organization Apla Vishwas and 4 other companies that are still in the process of formation. Sunnita Vishwas believes that her brand should touch every single aspect of human life, be it business, health, education, etc. Her dream of starting a school where children learn to think out of the box and become entrepreneurs is unique and commendable. Her ultimate goal is to write many more success stories with her NGO and school and lay the foundation of the nation. She has worked tirelessly to make her dreams come true and inspire hope in many hearts.

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